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Chelsea FC in Louisiana

History of CFLA

Our journey started on the US tour in Philadelphia in 2013, the then Chairman of Chelsea in America convinced us to start a small watch group in Baton Rouge, LA. Zydeco Blues' first season together was also marked by Cesar Azpilicueta and Eden Hazard's first seasons at the club. We had a eventful season culminating in a winning headed goal by Branislav Ivanovic in the Europa League final. At the time, our average attendance was 4. 

In the meantime, The Crescent City Blues were forming in New Orleans, LA. Not knowing each other existed, the groups grew their following with the same mission, to grow the Chelsea supporters' scene statewide and enjoy time with our second family. 

In 2018, Zydeco and Crescent City founders decided we are stronger together. Since then, we now have 150+ paying members statewide with 4 chapters across our beautiful state.


Our members are deeply rooted in The Bayou State. Louisiana is more than just where we live... It's home.

We love getting involved in community events around the state.


Carefree Louisiana is more than a supporters' club for Chelsea FC. We are proud supporters of the American Cancer Society.


We are the official statewide supporters' group of Chelsea FC. We would argue we have the best atmosphere you'll find outside of the Bridge.

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